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Viber was launched in 2010, but it has evolved a lot since then, currently being one of the best applications with millions of active users. It has many useful features which aren’t found on all applications and its stickers and emoticons are more diversified, allowing more customization. If you’re new to Viber and want to get familiarized faster with, here’s a list of tricks and tips that will help you understand better how this application works.

Enable Smart Notifications

When a friend is sending one message after another, you’re notified every time he/she does that and it can be very annoying for your ears. We suggest you to enable Smart Notifications, a feature which combines all messages into one notification, and to turn it on, go to the chat room where you want to enable this feature, swipe to the left and when you see Smart Notifications, tap on it to enable it.

Switching Between Conversations

When you’re talking to multiple people simultaneously, it’s hard to keep up with all conversations, because you’ll need to change between chat rooms quickly. One of the ways to do that is to go to the application’s main page every time you need to switch chat rooms, but it’s very tiring to do that all the time. The other method is simpler, so you’ll need to go to the chat room of the previous conversations, swipe to the right side of the screen and here you’ll see all the active chat rooms. To switch between them, tap on the contact or group chat name.

Turn Off Notifications

When you don’t want to be bothered by notifications because you’re either sleeping or at work, then you can turn off notifications. Follow these steps and for a few hours, you’ll have silence: go to the main page, tap on the Navicon, then choose Settings and every option you see in Notifications must be turned off. This means that you will disable every notification for New Message Popup, Contact Joined Viber, Show message preview and Light screen for messages.

Deleting Messages In A Conversation

If you want to get rid of some messages from your contacts, they can be deleted from the chat room. You should know that they will be deleted only from your device, because they will still appear on your friend’s device. Anyway, to delete a message, go to the chat room and tap and hold on the message you want to erase. There’s also the possibility to edit a message, and to do that, tap on the Navicon and choose Edit Messages.

Accessing Conversations Gallery

To view the photos and videos sent by your Viber friends without searching through your chat history, go to the Conversation Gallery. To access it, go to the chat room where you received or sent photos or videos, swipe to the left side and select Conversations Gallery, then to switch between photos/videos swipe left and right.