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There are many Apple “haters” because the company tends to release new iOS versions that look mostly the same with their predecessors. However, every new iOS version comes with some new features, but some of them might be hidden.

Today we’re going to talk about iOS 9 and some features that even old iOS users haven’t noticed.

Making A Note

The Notes application has finally been updated by Apple and it allows you to even add photos or make drawings to your notes. At the same time, Apple has made it easier to create a note while you are in another application. For example, if you are surfing the internet using Safari, you can tap the share icon from the tool bar and select “Notes” to launch the application in a pop-up window.

In fact, most of the build-in native applications that come with iOS 9 have this feature (such as iTunes or Photos).

Selecting Multiple Photos

The Camera Roll in iOS doesn’t allow you to select block of photos to delete them and, instead, you will need to manually select each picture. However, iOS 9 comes with a select button in the Camera roll, which allows you to drag your finger across all the photos you want to select.

Converting A Website To PDF

Did you ever visit a website using the Safari application and you’ve wished that you could save it as PDF so that you can send it to someone? Well, thanks to Safari, you can do that by just visiting the website you want to save and tap on the Share button and select “Save PDF to iBooks”.

To send the PDF to someone, you will need to open iBook and click on the share button to email it.

Requesting Desktop Site

There are websites which will load with the mobile version, but sometimes you want to see the desktop version of the website because you are using an iPad. Don’t worry, because you can request desktop site by holding the refresh button on Safari and you will get an option to request the desktop version of the website instead of the annoying mobile version of it.