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Messaging apps keep evolving and tweaking their service offerings in order to attract more users to their platforms as well as retain the current ones.

Snapchat is one such app and just this Wednesday, the company revealed that the millions, who depend on it for communication purposes, will even enjoy using the app more than before, thanks to new video filters that allow speeding up, slowing down as well as rewinding video shots. With this update, this video sharing app will without doubt move from its usually linear and ephemeral nature to something bigger and much more attractive as well as entertaining to use.

Update affects editing only

Don’t be too excited though, as the new update does not affect the aspect of video viewing on Snapchat, rather, it affects the editing aspect only.

Once you shoot a video, simply swipe right and you will see the newly added three filters. Just as you’d expect, the snail icon represents the slow motion option while the speedy rabbit icon stands for fast forwarding. On the other hand, the option to rewind is represented by the usual backward pointing arrows, which makes everything quite easy to understand and use.

The latest Snapchat update will for sure help take care of the huge attention span that often affects teenagers, who are basically the most dominant users of this application. In the past, it was only possible to play Snapchat videos forward or backward, however, this chat app has now taken the direction of Instagram’s Boomerang.

3D Touch support coming to iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

Other than adding the speed modifiers to the latest version, developers of this video sharing application have also added support for the buzzing 3D Touch technology that debuted with iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

By strong-tapping on the Snapchat icon on the home screen of your phone, you will be able to see options for sending a quick snap or adding a new contact.

As pointed out earlier, messaging apps are evolving and with the case of Snapchat, the introduction of these video filters is not the only thing the company has done in the recent past with an aim of spicing up the photos and videos that people share on the platform.

There is a shift in focus for many apps as they try to streamline their services to include business models. Snapchat is not lagging behind as it has focused around ads, trying to keep more and more people coming back to the app.