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Everyone with an Apple product is aware of the Siri and love to use it. This option is funny and very much helpful as well. The speaking implicit helper works over your commands and orders by responding in the same speaking manner.

Did you ever know that you can actually silent the Siri from answering back to you? Yes, you can and while doing that you will continue to give the directions and ask questions from it.  With the hardware switch on your iPad and iPhone, the Siri can be shut off. Switching on or off the Siri from the hardware button is way easier, but if you see that the Settings are showing off some different wording to you, and then don’t be confused.

How to on or off the Siri with this Hardware Switch

  • First you need to go to the Settings and there in General option, you will see the Siri option.
  • You will see an option of Voice Feedback, click on it and choose the option of Control with Ring Switch. As you can see that the Mute button has been referred as the Ring Switch.
  • Now activate Siri by coming out from the Settings and enable the Mute button. You will see that the Siri is now replying via screen text instead of shouting the answers to everyone around you.

When you will be using the Siri option now, its voice will be off and there will be no voice feedback. Even from the far off, the voice will be switched off.

Mute Siri with Mute Button

The Silent switch, Mute Switch or Ring switch, whatever you call it. It will be off when you will flip the switch and the Siri will stay quite until you switch on it back. As it will be on the Mute option, you will not hear from it again rather will see the text on the screen only. Say anything you want, but it will not speak back, whilst you will get all the answers in the written form on your phone or iPad screen. The Orientation Lock will be the Mute Switch on your iPad.

Unmuting the Siri on your iPhone or iPad

When you will set the Mute Switch at off mode, then you hear Siri talking and shouting aloud around you, giving out the opinions in the middle of nowhere and telling you the statements.

Mostly, people prefer to keep the Siri silent so that it will not speak in middle of the meeting or somewhere where you are not expecting it. With the simple trick, you can keep it hush as long as you want. Of course, it is a bit mean behavior with the very helping Siri, but we do not have other choice. Do not worries, the amazing Siri feature will continue to obey your instructions and perform the tasks without letting you touch your smart gadget. So, it seems like you are not losing your friend.