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After one month since the first beta version of the iOS 9.2 was launched, Apple is preparing the release of the iOS 9.2. It also announced that the fourth beta version of the OS is already available for those who are testing it and it’s bringing with it a number of new features.

The most notable features of the update are the following:

  • The 3D Touch technology on the iPhone 6S and the 6S Plus has been improved in the iOS 9.2 beta and, specifically, users who bought the iPhone 6s Plus will notice the difference.
  • When using Safari, users are able to swipe faster while using the iOS 9.2 beta. Currently, users can swipe from the top toward the left to go backwards while a swipe from the top toward the right will take them forward to the next page, with the new update this process becomes much faster.
  • The View Controller for Safari in iOS 9.2 beta has been improved so that users can open links within other apps.
  • Siri, the assistant on iOS, has been updated and it now supports for Arabic language, this is connected with Apple having opened its stores in the Middle East recently. With Arabic Language included once the final build of iOS 9.2 is launched, people will be able to use their local language. Additionally, support for Arabic has also been added to the QuickType and Keyboard Dictation features of iOS 9.2 beta.
  • NumberSync service was implemented, which helpfully allows those who use AT&T to connect devices, for example tablets and smartphones, to one number. Once this connection is made, text messages and calls are routed directly to the devices as part of the Mobile Share plan run by AT&T.