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Google has released a new update for Gmail and it seems that it brings some new features and a new look.

First of all, the HTML5 that comes incorporated into it has received a major makeover. From now on, you will be able to see better the segregation of mails, adjust the density of the display (to normal, cozy or compact) and even resize it in order to fit any screen size.

In addition, the chat panels and label sizes can be modified in order to please your eyes, the themes that you can pick are now in HD, which means that they will look better than before.

The conversation panel is a bit mixed into the rest of the page, but, at the same time, it brings a very nice effect. You will be able to switch very easy from contacts to conversations and to tasks.

The new Gmail version also comes with a display picture in the contacts section and if the picture of the contact is not available, it will display only the name. After searching for something on Gmail, you will notice that you will get better returns.

How To Enable The New Layout On The Latest Gmail Version

After Gmail has finished loading, you will notice a “Switch to the new look” option at the bottom of the page. Once you tap the button that’s located next to it, you will see a second option. When you click on the button located next to the option, Google will welcome you to the new look and you will need to click “Continue to the new look”.

It is good to know that the users will soon be able to get alerts from gmail about mails that have not been sent with encryption. This is because there are more users who’ve started using the encryption for the mails in order to protect the content. However, it seems that Google is still working on this new feature and it will come in the next months.