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Both email services have been created by Google and they are available for the web, iOS and Android. The good news is that you don’t have to use them separately, because they are ways to use both email clients together and benefit from their features.

Gmail was released 11 years and it has lots of advanced searches, filters, labels and it allows the users to be in full control of the sorting features. Inbox can do multiple tasks, such as filtering away messages, suggesting photos and documents which are considered relevant and important, plus it bundles packs if emails together. Below, we’ll tell you how you can use both email services on mobile or on the web.

On Mobile

First of all, install both applications on your smartphone. If you’re using an Android device or an iPhone and want to control notifications, go to Settings screen and disable notifications for one of them. This way, you’ll continue to receive notifications only from one of the services.

You should know that Inbox’s Settings screen allows you to choose either to delete or archive dismissed messages, so make the correct decision if you don’t want to find yourself in the situation when important messages disappear and you can’t retrieve them.

When using Inbox, you can snooze messages by swiping left and right on them, or mark them as done. If you have a small mobile screen, this feature, combined with the automatic sorting feature will help the screen to not look cluttered.

Both applications will sync your messages and when opening up the left-hand menus, they will be largely similar. Also, the users will have access to the same standard folders such as Sent, Drafts, Spam etc.

On The Web

Both applications have labels, but Inbox has in addition a Low Priority filter, which will put aside less important messages and prioritize others. When snoozing an email in Inbox, it will be archived in Gmail, and to break the snooze function, you just need to move back the message to the inbox in Gmail.

The starred emails in Gmail and the pinned emails from Inbox will work along, and they won’t appear as the same thing, which will allow you to use pins and stars the way you like, for different purposes.

You can also use Gmail on your computer and Inbox on your smartphone, but you can still access some features of Inbox via the hidden labels. But you won’t be disappointed because you won’t be able to snooze messages from Gmail’s interface. However, they will reappear in a tab at a specified time.

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