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The Windows 10 November update debuts with a number of great and amazing features.

Notable among the goodies is the introduction of Skype Integration Consumer Preview.

Following the much anticipated ‘November update’, Skype features that include messaging and video calling, are fully included by default in Windows 10.Microsoft termed the new development as ‘The Consumer Preview of Skype Integration for Windows 10’.The now inbuilt Skype is found on the ‘Start’menu, and you can also pin the app to the taskbar if you wish.

Skype features turned into apps

The two Skype features will now function as distinct applications in Windows 10. Microsoft has released ‘Preview for Skype video’ and ‘Preview for Windows 10 Messaging on PC plus Skype’ as two distinct apps from Skype app that supports video calling and messaging.

‘Preview for Windows 10 Messaging on PC plus Skype’ enables users to send Skype messages enhanced with emoticons across supported platforms. This app can link to the video application to initiate video calls at your pleasure. It also comes with an instant feedback feature where one can respond to a message directly in the pop-up notification without opening the app.

The second new app,‘Preview for Skype video’ enables users to chat with their Skype contacts via video and voice calls. To engage this app, open the Skype video preview and set it up to enable synchronization of the Skype account on the previous OSwith the new Windows 10.The good thing is that your Skype conversation history is carried over from the current Skype on your PC to the new Windows 10.

To come

More updates are still expected from the Microsoft Inc. Later on this year, for instance, Microsoft has promised to unveil updates for Windows 10 Mobile devices including Skype integration.

It is prudent to note that these two apps are still Consumer Previews; therefore users should expect bugs and a few technicalities in their functionalities.These problems, when detected, help the developers tostraighten further up and correct the issues before the official launch of a product to enhance quality delivery of services. Microsoft has promised to ‘keep evolving’ the Skype app in line with the clients’ ideas and needs.