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Adobe Flash Player has not enjoyed a stellar reputation for quite some time now.

It has emerged as one of the most popular targets for hackers. One of the best strategies where the Flash Player is concerned is to remove or disable it completely from your computer.

Keeping your computer safe and secure is not an option, but should be the first item on your list of priorities. Consequently, it is advisable for you to turn the Flash Player off, especially when not using it to stream videos or play games online.

Adobe Flash Player has been the target of malware attacks for a long time now. Allowing the Flash Player to continue running when you are not using it is just like pleading with hackers to target your machine with their malware attacks.


Identify the add-on that provides the flexibility of turning the Flash Player on only when you need to use it. This add-on is better than continuously installing and uninstalling Flash Player every time you need to use it. The add-on in question is called ClickToFlash.

The add-on keeps the Flash Player on your machine but ensures that the plugin remains off when not in use. Using this add-on, Flash Player will be visible but grayed out, thus indicating that it is still installed.

The add-on allows you to prepare a white list of the websites that you can open and use with Adobe Flash Player. Keep only the updated version of the Flash Player on your PC at all times. Check the settings to prevent the plugin from running without your permission.

Install Firewalls and Antivirus

Despite using the ClickToFlash add-on to turn Flash Player on and off according to your needs, it is important to protect your machine with the appropriate Firewalls as well as antivirus programs. Check that your machine has the strongest and most effective security software.

Cloud-based security programs are the most effective where Adobe Flash Player is concerned. Identify a cloud-based solution that produces stunning results on Android, Apple, PCs and Macs to avoid installing all types of programs on your machine.

Benefits of the add-on

As previously stated, using the add-on is beneficial in that it prevents you from wasting time installing or uninstalling the Flash Player all the time. However, the add-on does not eliminate your vulnerability from the plugin, hence the importance of protecting the machine.

Where possible, avoid using Adobe Flash Player. Instead, upgrade all your browsers to the modern versions. The modern browser versions do not require Adobe Flash Player to stream videos, play music or online games, thus reducing your vulnerability.

Adobe Flash Player remains a valuable player today just as it has always been. However, turn it off when not in use.