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Just recently Snapchat acquired Looksery and in so doing, the photo and video sharing app went ahead and launched selfie lenses.

The chat app adds a new lens to the collection of seven and removes one at the same time.

In addition to this lineup of seven, Snapchat has now added about 30 new lenses that users can buy for a fee of just $0.99 and after that, they can have them for a lifetime.

If you haven’t yet gotten a chance to enjoy the new selfie lenses, here is how to activate them. When the front-facing selfie camera is in use, just press and hold on your face and selfie lenses will be enabled. After that, tap on a lens located at the bottom to get a preview before you can go ahead and shoot the snap. The available lenses vary from rainbow vomit to some scary faces.

Free selfie lenses are still available

Even though Snapchat has introduced a new way of generating more income, it doesn’t mean the free offer will be disappearing. You will still get a new selfie lens each and every day; however, if you feel seven is not just your number and you need more, there is a huge bunch beyond the seven you are currently seeing.

The good thing with this premium update is that taking a preview of the lenses is totally free; however, you must cash out $1 in order to use them. The company will offer 30 paid lenses every single day, but the frequency with which it will be adding lenses to this store is yet to be determined.

Snapchat already makes some cash out of its services, thanks to the fact that it charges the users a fee of $0.99 in order to replay snaps more than once. While the app already allows users to replay a snap just once, replaying it for a second time will require that you pay.

Smart moves for Snapchat?

Other than coming in with a selfie lenses store, Snapchat is also working on another way of doing things with advertising, using sponsored lenses as well as other ads. A combination of advertising and in-app purchases is with no doubt an interesting direction this company has taken.

While many startups usually go for free service offerings in order to attract huge traction first before monetizing these services, Snapchat has taken a risky route that could see it greatly reduce the usage of the app by teenagers, who actually make up a huge part of the app’s user base.