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Apple announced that the rolling out of the Apple TV to its U.S. stores has already started.

In addition, the company mentioned that those who had made pre-orders early enough will begin receiving their packages while the rest will have to wait a little longer.

As the news of the availability of this set top box from Apple buzzes on, there are those who are more than happy with the new features that Cupertino has installed in the new Apple TV. One such feature is Siri, which of course is not a new feature, but it comes to the Apple TV with new capabilities that have never been on this device before.

Siri-enabled universal search on Apple TV

The new Apple TV comes with a Siri-enabled universal search feature, which finally puts an end to the long wait that lovers of this gadget have been waiting for Apple to bring the function on board. It is now possible for the users to simultaneously search through multiple video platforms in a quick and effective way.

Now that the service is working perfectly well with video files, the same function is also going to be pushed to the Apple Music. In the next few months those using the Apple TV will be able to ask the device to search for a particular album or song just like they do with movies.

When reached for a statement, Apple confirmed that Siri will for sure be coming to Apple Music on the new Apple TV, but users will have to wait until early 2016 for this to happen.

What this means is that the Apple TV remote control system will even get smarter as it will only require a voice command via Siri for it to bring up the music you want. For instance, one can just say “Play the latest Kanye West album” and Siri will take care of the rest.

Apple TV is a voice-controlled music player

The fact that Apple will be extending the universal search functionality of Apple TV to the Apple Music app will for sure tweak this device into more than a set top box and into a voice-controlled music player. In short, Apple is trying to ensure that this gadget takes care of all your living room entertainment needs, ranging from watching movies and videos to playing games and listening to music.

Since its launch, Apple Music has pulled together over 6.5 million premium subscribers, a user base that Apple hopes will come to the Apple TV following the introduction of Siri-enabled search functionality for Apple Music. Even if this happens, Apple’s music streaming service will still have a long way to go before replicating the success Spotify is seeing in the same industry.

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