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At the beginning of this year, WhatsApp released the web feature for the Android version and it allows the users to log into their accounts from their computers using one of the three supported browsers Chrome, Opera and Firefox. Later, after Microsoft has launched its Windows 10 OS which introduced a new browser, Microsoft Edge, the users were curious when WhatsApp will support it. Their dream didn’t come true yet, because the browser is still not supported by WhatsApp, but in this article we’ll teach you how to access your WhatsApp account using Edge on your computer.

The developers of WhatsApp have released WhatsApp Web as an extension of this application, which has pretty much the same functions as the mobile version. With it, the users can send messages more easily, as they will write them using a physical keyboard, or make voice calls to their WhatsApp friends if they have headphones with a microphone connected to their computers. Before WhatsApp’s developers released this feature, the users were installing an Android emulator called BlueStacks in order to use the application on their computers.

Currently, there are three compatible browsers which support the web client and Microsoft Edge isn’t one of them. When accessing the WhatsApp web page using Edge, the users won’t find it in the list of compatible browsers, but there’s a trick that will allow you to generate a QR code which will be scanned with your smartphone’s camera.

The secret is to hit the F12 from your computer’s keyboard, which will launch the Developer Tools Window. Then, when you will see the Emulation Tab, tap on it and look for the User agent String. Click on this option and from the drop menu you will change the user agent string value, replacing Microsoft Edge with one of the three supported browsers, Firefox, Chrome or Opera.

Then, return to the first tab which contains the WhatsApp Web page and you’ll see a WhatsApp QR code appearing. In case it’s not shown yet, refresh the page. The final step is to scan the code with your smartphone’s camera, but WhatsApp must be installed on this device.