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When we accidentally drop our phones in water or spill water on our phones, we always panic.

Why? Because for it to regain full functionality, it will take quite some time. There is however a solution to this, other than coming up with water proof phones like the Sony Xperia Z series and Moto G. A solution for those with phones that aren’t water resistant.

Getting your phone wet is absolutely nothing to worry about now. We have a solution.

What to avoid

  1. First and foremost, retrieve the phone from water immediately.
  2. Do not turn on your handset or press any key, though your instincts may tell you to do so.
  3. Do not tap the phone or shake off excess water as a way of getting rid of excess water.
  4. Do not heat or cool your phone using either a freezer or blow dry because it could send water to interior places of the phone that did not have water, thus causing more harm than good.

Fixing it

  1. First and foremost, turn off the handset and remove your Sim card and micro SD cards from their slots as fast as possible.
  2. Next, remove the battery from your phone. If you can still see some liquid, use a vacuum to suck out excess water.
  3. You can now bury your phone inside a jar of rice. Why rice? This is simply because rice absorbs the liquid from the phone. Leave it in there for a while, even a couple of days so all water is sucked out.
  4. After retrieving it, you can place the Sim card back; fix the battery and the external SD card back to their slots and power on your phone.


Water resistance in a handset highly depends on a number of features namely: how clear the water is and how deep the phone was submerged in water and definitely for how long.

Your phone should now be in perfect working condition. If this is not the case, you can call for a professional to fix it. Better still, you can choose to buy a water resistant phone.

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