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Snapchat recently unveiled selfie lenses.

This debut came after Snapchat acquired Looksery, which is a selfie animation app.

Looksery allows you to video chat through a special filter that makes your face appear like a monster, grouchy cat or a panda. You can as well modify your face to improve the skin tone, remove spots, change the color of your eyes and to appear thinner.

How to use lenses

When taking a selfie using the front facing camera, long press on your face image to activate the selfie lenses. Lenses ranging from scary monster faces to rainbow tongues will appear at the bottom. Tap on a lens of your choice for a preview and then shoot a snap once you have selected the desired lens.

Snapchat showcases about 30 lenses that can be bought and kept forever; apart from the current seven lenses on its lineup. From the seven-lens lineup, an old lens is replaced with a new lens each and every day. To some users, the seven lenses are not enough. You can as well scroll past these seven and get to catch a glimpse of much more varieties. Using these other lenses in a snap costs 99 cents, but previewing them is absolutely free. Snapchat has promised to put 30 paid lenses daily, however it is still unclear how the app will often add fresh new lenses to its store.

You are allowed to replay a snap once, but for additional replays you will be required to pay; therefore, Snapchat allows you pay $0.99 for 3 extra replays.

Is Snapchat up to something?

While there are also other apps that work to improve selfie photos’ appearances such as Perfect365 and FaceTune, Looksery  happens to be unique since it offers live video and photos; as compared to these two other apps that only do photos.

Snapchat’s acquisition of Looksery certainly speaks volumes on its intentions to embrace greater technologies to roll out better services and features to its clientele. A look back at Snapchat’s records, the company applied Scanning tech to create Snapcodes that enable users to scan people using the Snapchat camera so as to follow these people in the app.

Snapchat is also planning to work on adverts with sponsored lenses. They are keen on combining in-app purchases with adverts. To up their game further, Snapchat is also launching official accounts that help users not to follow fake accounts.