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The BlackBerry Priv has already been launched in the U.S. and as people brace themselves for the first BlackBerry smartphone that runs on the Android OS, there is further news emerging with claims of a second BB smartphone running on the same OS.

The new Priv brings a new coat of paint as well as a fresh set of software applications thanks to the renowned Android. However, given that there have been past speculations with respect to BlackBerry rolling out more than one Android-powered smartphone, there seems to some truth in this latest rumor. In fact, at some point the company’s chief executive officer hinted that there are more devices coming to add on the Priv.

Talking of more devices, enthusiasts of Android-powered BlackBerry smartphones will get a chance to see what is probably the second device to run on this platform. Images have been leaked showing the possible design of this device and we have gathered some of the best aspects for you.

Meet the new BlackBerry Vienna

According to the leaked images, the new Android-powered Berry smartphone will be known as BlackBerry Vienna. When put head to head with the just released Priv, the Vienna takes more of BlackBerry’s appeal thanks to its taller form factor that is aimed at accommodating the device’s touchscreen. However, BlackBerry users will be familiar with the highly visible full QWERTY keyboard that comes with the new device.

A further look at the leaked images reveals that the Vienna may replace the soft navigation keys just like most recent Android devices have and instead opt for hard keys that correspond to the home, recent and back buttons.

The phone appears to have cameras on the rear and front, with the former furnished with a LED flash. The charging port has been placed on the left, just above microSD and SIM card slots while speakers seem to be bottom-mounted. The power button can be found on the right side of the device and so does the volume buttons.

There is more coming from these leaked images as they reveal that this device will come in various color variants, among them silver/white, orange, green as well as blue. However, it is unknown whether BB will go ahead with releasing the device with all of these colors given that what appears in design models does not always appear in the final product. Furthermore, the company has not confirmed anything whether the leaked images are actually a representation of the Vienna’s early design.

Another possibility is that this could be the next Android-powered BlackBerry smartphone and maybe the phone maker will even go further and avail more color variants that what we see in the leaked images.

One thing that is vital to note is that the leaked images are only but rumors and given that no word has come from either Google or BlackBerry, one cannot be sure. Nonetheless, we expect BB to speak out on the details of this gizmo in the coming months.

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