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These are three of the most important cloud storage services on the market and they have their advantages and disadvantages. Our job is to analyze their pros and cons and to tell you which one offers more benefits.

Short Description

Dropbox is operated by Dropbox, Inc., which launched it eight years ago. This is a basic file storage service in the cloud and doesn’t have a special interface, as the users have only the option to arrange their files into folders and sub-folders and share them with their friends.

OneDrive has many of Dropbox’s features which are integrated within Microsoft’s ecosystem. It was previously called SkyDrive and it it’s linked with Windows Phone, Windows OS and Office Online, and to access it, you will need to cerate a Microsoft email account, no matter if it’s Hotmail or Outlook. If your device is running on Windows 8, then you know that OneDrive comes integrated into the OS as an application and it can be accessed from the Start Screen.

Google Drive is integrated with Google Docs, Android and Chrome OS and likewise OneDrive, it works with an email account, so you’ll need to set up a Gmail account. If you’re a Office365 subscriber, then you’ll get unlimited storage.

Free Storage

OneDrive decreased the storage limit from 15GB to 5GB and the users who activate the camera roll backup no longer benefit from the bonus.

Dropbox offers 2GB for free and for every invited person who joins this service, you will get extra 500MB of free storage, and for up to 26 recruits you’ll get 16GB of storage.

Google Accounts include 15GB of free storage, but it’s available across Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos.

Paid-for Subscriptions

Dropbox has only one type of subscription, which is worth £7.99 per month or £79 per year for 1TB of storage.

OneDrive replaced the 100GB plan and 200GB plans with a 50GB plan which costs $1.99 a month, while the 1TB plan will cost you £5.99 per month, but it also includes Office 365 for Home, Personal or University subscribers.

Google Drive offers five premium subscriptions with prices that start at $1.99 (£1.28) per month for 100GB (without the tax), while the most expensive plan costs $299.99 (£192.36) for 30TB.

Supported Platforms

OneDrive can be used on devices running on Windows PC and Mac and it can be installed as an application on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, but it’s compatible with Xbox, as well.

Dropbox supports iOS, Mac, Windows, Android and Windows Phone and has a native application for BlackBerry and Amazon Kindle Fire.

Google Drive has applications for Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android.