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Currently, Microsoft has the most powerful 2-in-1 tablet, which can be transformed into a laptop by adding a physical keyboard. Apple noticed that the iPad sales have declined in the past years and the launch of the iPad Pro was the best thing that could happen to the American giant. The tablet is similar to the Surface Pro 4, meaning that it works with a stylus and can be coupled with a Smart Keyboard, which is sold separately. The Google Pixel C is an Android tablet which works with a Bluetooth wireless keyboard.

Designs and Displays

The Pixel C is a premium tablet made of aluminum and has the build quality of the Pixel Chromebook laptop, which was launched in 2013. It connects to the keyboard (which costs $149) via magnets, and to open/close it, you will pull it apart, then reconnect. The keyboard is small and it charges itself using the tablet, and after it’s fully charged, it lasts 10 hours. Also, when tapping on the tablet, which is charged via the USB Type C port, a strip of LEDs will light up and will show you how much battery you have left. The dimensions of the device haven’t been specified, but we know that the screen measures 10.2-inch and it supports a resolution of 2560×1800 pixels at 308 pixels.

The iPad Pro is also made of aluminum, but it has a sleeker design and its keyboard is more expensive at $169, but you also need to buy the Apple stylus, which costs $99. Apple used a Smart Connector which works with the conductive fabric integrated into the Smart Keyboard, allowing the device to exchange power and data. The display is a LCD sized at 12.9-inch and this is Apple’s largest tablet yet. The screen ratio is 4:3, the resolution is 2732x2048pixels and the pixel density is 264ppi. When using the tablet in Split Screen mode, you will get the same resolution as the iPad Air.


The iPad Pro is powered by a 64-bit A9X and M9 processor which is backed by 4GB of RAM, while the Pixel C has a 64-bit Tegra X1 ARMv8 ARM Cortex-A57 quad-core + ARM Cortex-A53 quad-core processor, which is backed by 3GB of RAM. The iPad Pro is simply amazing, being able to replace many laptops, but it’s limited to Apple’s software and the users can download specific applications which are uploaded on iTunes.

Each tablet has two variants of internal memories. The iPad Pro is available in variants of 32GB and 128GB, while the Pixel C comes in variants of 32GB and 64GB.


The Pixel C doesn’t have any cameras, while on the back on the iPad Pro you’ll find an 8MP HD camera which lacks LED flash and on its front side is placed a 1.2MP 720p HD camera.


The 32GB iPad Pro costs $799, the 128GB model costs $949 and the 128GB variant with WiFi and Cellular costs $1,079. The Pixel C 32GB is priced at $499 and the 64GB model costs $599.