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Until now, the owners of an Android device who were downloading applications from the Google Play didn’t know which one came with advertisements. This had to be changed and starting from next year, all applications containing ads, which will be listed in the official store, will have an “ad-supported” label. This way, the users will be warned that the applications might come with ads.

When Google held its I/O event at the end of May 2015, the company launched “ad-supported” labels for applications in the Designed for Families program. A few days ago, the Google Play Team announced the app developers that the company is extending the programs to al applications on the Google Play store and that they need to sing into the Play Developer Console and declare if their applications contain ads. The deadline is January 11th, 2016, and if they don’t comply with this request, Google mentioned that “misrepresenting ad presence violates the Google Play Developer Program Policies may lead to suspension”.

Therefore, the developers will accurately declare ad presence in their applications and Google will check the Ads label in order to see if it’s appropriate. If an application is incorrectly flagged for containing ads, the developers will need to contact the policy support team, so that the flag will be removed.

If you were annoyed by the ads that came with the applications you’ve downloaded from the Google Play Store, starting with in January 2015, you’ll know which application contains them as you’ll see the Ads label on applications from inside and outside Designed for Families. The ad labels will appear under the Install button from the app page, so the warning will be very visible.

Advertisements will be displayed as banners, loading page, sponsored articles and ads for other applications which are included by the developer.