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Ending up in a relationship is never easy and you come across the same incidents or stuff from your surroundings. Facebook is the very common medium in this regard. You have mutual friends, tagged photos, and so much from the past, present there. All of this leads to more heart aches.

It looks like that Facebook understands about your feeling and that is why, it has introduced this novel feature of limiting your exes to take a look around your Facebook. They will be able to see lesser information and lesser feeds from you so that you can keep your activities into privacy.

At the initial stage, this feature is available in the United States only and the users can utilize it through mobile applications, only. The user will be able to see that what is the current relationship status of the friends and they get the feeds when someone changes it.

Not only that, you certainly do not wish to see the posts and feeds of the person that you want to forget. So, you can simply change the settings that you do not want to see the posts from that specific person and that way, you will be able to mute them from your Facebook. This feature is simply saving you from deleting that person as your friend and tackling the further problems.

Of course, you do not want to share your private life with them anymore. Then, all you have to do is to simply hide your post from them. Same goes with the images that you do not want them to see. It is same as the above solution; you just have to apply it on your profile. This is the best way that will help in hiding your updates from your ex. They can only see any post when they are particularly tagged on it otherwise no.

As you see that how peaceful and smooth these two features seems like. If you want more, then here is another simple solution from wiping your ex off from your memory. That is, by wiping out the Facebook history and untagging all the videos, photos, and posts that you had with them. Although, it is the full finish option, but it is what that helped you in taking the final decision. Especially, if you are deciding to break up or not. The digital burning of the past will heal your future a lot.

The great thing about these features is that the ex will never get to know about them. Thus, you must not be afraid of disturbing questions while doing these settings.

Although, the Facebook has this motto of linking people, but sometimes, you need to have a life other way around and we just do not wish to see those who upset you. So, get back on the track of your life with the help of these features. They are uncomplicated and easy to use and apply, so it’s just a matter of few clicks now.