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Clash of Clans is a very popular strategy game for mobile devices. Next month, the game will receive a huge update that will include some new features which will make many players happy.

First of all, you should know that the Clash of Clans game will have a new max level for the Town Hall, which will be 11. We know that there are not many players that have their Town Hall up to level 10. However, if you are one of the players who have the Town Hall updated to the current max level, you should know that this is about to change and you will need to update it to level 11 soon enough.

In concordance with TouchArcade, Supercell, the developer of Clash of Clans, has listened to the players’ feedback. The developer has declared that this update will greatly improve the way everyone plays this awesome strategy game.

The new update also comes with new buildings and a new hero, but at the same time it will make some people stop playing the game because it was “eating” too much time from their lives.

As soon as you update your Town Hall to level 11, you will have access to a new defensive building. The new defensive building will fire a laser beam straight up and it will hit the target by coming from above. However, there will be a delay between each shot and it will focus on a single target until it dies.

The new hero will cost 6 million elixir and (s)he will probably be a mage as in the “hidden” image we can see person who holds a staff in one hand and a magic book in the other hand.

Supercell is trying to make the Clash of Clans game more fun for casual players and, soon enough, we will find out if they will succeed this or not. Currently, we know that this big update will be released to Clash of Clans in December 2015. Hopefully, Supercell will give an exact date of when this will happen.