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Google’s stock camera app was updated in 6.0 Marshmallow and the first users who tested it out were those who bought a Nexus 5X or a Nexus 6P device, but later, Google rolled the update to the smartphones with an older version of Google Camera, which have been upgraded to the latest Android version.

The application takes advantage of a smartphone’s features such as HDR+, Lens Blur, Wide Angle, Panorama and Photo Sphere in order to create amazing photographic effects.

On the Google Play, the latest version is 2.5.052, but in reality, Google has started rolling out version 3.1, which brought a new user interface and the users are able to access certain features more easily. Now, it’s easier to swipe between the image capture and video modes and the features such as photo sphere, panorama, and lens blur are accessed when swiping towards right side.

Google has changed the location of the controls for HDR+, flash, and timer to the top corner, after they were previously placed above the camera shutter button. Also, in order to switch from rear camera to front-facing camera, the users must tap on the dedicated button. As for the Auto HDR+ option, it is now available for many smartphones, including the Nexus 6 phablet, which was released last year.

Google Camera v3.1 received a bug fix for the SmartBurst feature for Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, which wasn’t allowing the users to capture burst shots when it was disabled. Now, the users will be able to take pictures in burst mode even after disabling this feature. However, if you own a different smartphone, you won’t benefit from the burst feature and slow motion video recording, because they have been included to the update for the latest Nexus smartphones.

Since the update can’t be found yet on the Google Play store, you can download it from third party sources such as APK Mirror, where you’ll find the Google-signed apk file both for 32bit and 64bit variants.