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The Fall represents a time of the year when temperatures are cool.

Unfortunately, it is also the time when flu seems ready to attack everybody while sparing nobody.  If not careful, you could spend this time of the year in your bed with afever.

In preparation for fall, you should take enough vitamins while keeping your hands clean by washing them as frequently as possible. Fortunately, you can use plenty of apps to help you go through the flu season healthy.

The apps cost you nothing to download, install and begin to use. So, what apps should you download and use for this purpose?

  1. Doctor on Demand

The app is available free for download into Android or Apple devices. The app allows patients to have chats with any doctor who is nearby. The doctor is unable to perform full checkup considering that he is far from the patient.

However, the video is theideal tool for asking questions, getting aquick diagnosis and asking for a prescription refill. Patients who need a session with apsychologistare catered for with this app. General visits cost $40 while the sessions with psychologists go for between $50 and $95.

2. SickWeather

This app is helpful in providing patients with information regarding disease hotspots. The app is available freely for download on Android and Apple devices. With this app, it is now easier to monitor the outbreak of flu and other diseases around you.

The app sends alerts to your phone in case you enter an area renowned for the recently reported illnesses such as flu. The app has local as well as national data, which is great in case you need to travel around the country for leisure or business.

3. FluView

Flu is responsible for causing millions of diseases as well as hundreds of visitations to local hospitals. Sadly, theflu is also responsible for thousands of deaths when it is in theseason. FluView is an app that Center for Disease Control and Prevention created for free download on Apple.

Through this app, users will know all the areas around the country where flu is breaking out. The app enables a proper monitoring of trends regarding the spread of flu. The app provides users with access to local information held by health departments of each state in the US.

4. Kinsa Thermometer

This app works with a thermometer that you must plug into your Smartphone. The app is available for free download for Android and Apple devices. However, the thermometer costs between $20 and $25.

The app provides readings fast – mostly under 10 seconds. The app provides accurate data and informs you when it is time to see a doctor based on the readings and interpretation of the same that it collects from you.