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The new update from skype comes with interesting new features in order to further enhance the user experience. Developers say that this Messaging App now helps users to share and keep their memories that matter to them in a much easier way. Its goal will be achieved through the new features that Skype has introduced in their Android App. Among those we can count better managing of conversations, simpler, and more ways to share content and now the app offers an enhanced search option. Lets look at each of this new features separately.

This feature will help since going through a whole list of contacts and conversations on a smartphone can prove quite frustrating and troublesome. With the new feature, users will be able to manage their conversations more quickly and simply. Managing conversations becomes easier with the new version of the app since a long click on a contact or messaging chat in the Recents tab will bring up a new toolbar to delete, mark as read, or mute notifications. Even more, the update also brought the possibility to search conversations more easily. You now can search conversation content, as well as contacts and group name.

Sharing content has never been easier. With Skype 6.11 users can now share images from their album to Skype group conversations. Even more you can tap shared content n order to forward it to other contacts or group conversations. In the same manner you will be able to send Mojis, and even decide they should play again or not, simply by tapping them.
Leaving all of the above besides, the greatest new feature of Skype 6.11 for Android, is the access to save video messages. This feature can be activated by tapping on a saved video message and then it will remain on their Android device. This is really a great feature because it will help users to keep their good video conversations as long as they want.

The new features were introduced by Skype based on users feedback. So, if you have a wishlist about the app, do not hesitate to share it with the developers.