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Firefox OS 2.5 has been availedfor use on Android devices.

This means that you can try out the new operating system on Android devices without having to replace the initial Android operating system.

Mozilla rolled out the Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Review just as an Android application package implying that you can download it just like any other app onto your Android device. Replacement of an operating system leads to data loss, and there are high chances of making your device inoperable; therefore, Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Review eludes these problems by substituting the Android home screen with the user interface of Firefox OS. You can therefore effectively use Firefox OS without interfering with the Android apps.

If you are interested to learn or test the new features, or you are kind of curious to know more about this OS, you can achieve this by downloading the app risk-free of flashing your device.You can as well discard the Firefox OS 2.5 just like any other application if you feel you are done with the trials.

Do not take chances

Having its task manager , settings, navigation buttons and utility tray, Firefox OS 2.5 is a complete operating system,hence,operating on the Android platform implies that itsoperational components will clash with Android’s same elements. The Android utilities somehow vary from the ones found on Firefox OS. It appears that the Android launchers were apparently designed in a way that they cannot support the replacement of the system’s functions.

To better experience with the Firefox OS on the Android platform, a few things can be worked on where appropriate. For instance, Android uses a back button for primary navigation purposes whereas Firefox OS doesn’t. As solutions are being developed to counter these problems, this Developer Preview should be considered a trial version that might contain bugs and probably technicalities.

Firefox OS is found on some devices though these devices are not found globally. Therefore, this new OS will work out well with people who can’t afford to own a Firefox OS-supported device since Android is now available in most parts of the world and its supported devices are quite affordable.

This new development from Mozilla (which has not been on the upper front lately to frequently launch new products) and Apple’s launch of its music app on Android tends to spark off competition from other operating systems as well as theinvention of more related products.

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