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When choosing mobile phone operating system for a Smartphone many people base their selection on thepopularity of the OS.

A popular OS is not necessarily the best choice for your device. In this regard, you need to be a bit selfish and think about your needs rather than focusing on what has worked wonderfully for other mobile phone users. Despite this, it would not be bad to choose an unheard of OS for your Smartphone.

Interface and Features

The interface of the operating system is worth factoring in as one of the determinants on whether to choose specific software for your Smartphone or take a different route. The features that the software provides in addition to the myriad apps that it has should also be featured on which you base your choice of operating system for the device. Choose an OS that offers you plenty of options in terms of apps so that your device does not have a limited user experience.

Why popularity is a wrong factor

If you base your selection on popularity, then it would be worth taking note of a few important points. First, the most popular operating systems at one time were Nokia and BlackBerry. The two lost a substantial share of the market to Apple’s iOS, which operates the iPhone. With time, Android has become the most dominant player in the operating systems market for Smartphones based on the number of devices in the hands of users today.

Value for money

A much better strategy is to evaluate the value that the operating system provides based on the price. The ease of updating from one version of a specific OS to the next one should also be at the back of your mind while evaluating different types of software. For example, upgrading from iOS 6 to iOS 9 might be free and more straightforward than if you wanted to move from Android 4.1 to Marshmallow, which depends not only on the operator but also on the actual device.

Impossible upgrades

If you have a Smartphone that runs on Windows 7 upgrading it to the newer Windows 8 might be an impossible task. However, you should have no problem upgrading the system from Windows 7 to Windows 7.8. Nonetheless, do not forget that the upgrade depends on the maker of the device as well as the mobile phone operator or service provider. In this regard, your choice should be from the following mobile phone operating systems:

  • iOS 9, which is a product of Apple
  • Android – is a product of Google
  • Windows 10 Mobile, which is a product of Microsoft
  • BlackBerry Z10

Therefore, choosing the best Operating System for your Smartphone should now be clearer, straightforward and easier than ever before if you follow this guideline.