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Years back, when phones were not… smart, we used only computers to surf the internet. Things have changed, phones have evolved and some have become smarter than some computers. Now, people can spend time on the internet everywhere, if they own a smartphone with generous mobile data packages, which allow them to download lots of applications and games, make voice or video calls to friends who are using the same messaging application etc. If you live in the UK and want to know which mobile network offers a more convenient data plan, then we’ll compare the deals from five major operators.


This operator has mobile data plans with maximum data allowance available in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 20GB a month, and the tariff set for the 8GbB plan is £27, which is a bit expensive. The LTE network is selling the 64GB variant of the iPhone 6S with 20GB of data for month, but the customers can choose the 5GB a month data agreement and pay £54 a month, while the 20GB plan will decrease the price at £9.99 a month.


The same 64GB variant of the iPhone 6S sold by EE with 5GB of data will cost £49.99 a month, while the tariff for 50GB data plan is £79.99 a month, those who want to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S6 with 1GB of data will pay £34.99 a month, or £79.99 a moth for the 50GB data plan.


This network offers unlimited data on 3G and 4G for the owners of a LTE-ready phone, there are no hidden charges or unfair “fair use policies” and those who are existing customers will spend an additional £3 per month in order to benefit from the All You Can Eat Data plan, but this offer isn’t available for those who have an Essential Internet 200 plan. The 64GB variant of the iPhone 6s is available with three different plans (unlimited data): the customers will either pay £149 upfront and £54 a month, or 99 upfront and £56 a month, or £9 upfront and £66 a month.


The 64GB iPhone 6s with a 24-month contract and a package containing 4GB of LTE data can be purchased with £129 in advance and £49 a month, while the 20GB plan costs £60 and the users will pay also £9 a month.

Tesco Mobile

The 64GB iPhone 6S with a 24-month contract will cost £29 and the tariff for 5000 minutes, 5000 texts and 3GB of data is £17 a month. In total – £46 a month. There is another package with 8GB of data which costs £53.50 a month, but the customers can also opt for the package with 6GB of data and 5000 minutes/texts, which costs £51 a month.