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Together with the release of Windows 10, Microsoft, has introduced a new browser, it is called Microsoft Edge and seems to be a nice replacement for Internet explorer, but it isn’t compatible with WhatsApp just yet. No worries, there are a few ways around this problem and we will present two of them in this article.

The first method is to simply bypass Edge default browser and  just make use of any other WhatsApp Web compatible browsers, in this article we will use Google Chrome, but you are free to use any other browser that is compatible with WhatsApp Web.

At the moment WhatsApp Web works well with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers, it’s up to you to decide which one serves you best in order to use WhatsApp on laptop or PC.

  • Visit Google Chrome download site on your computer;
  • Hover mouse on the Download button and select For personal Compuetrs;
  • On the next page click on Download Chrome;
  • Accept terms and conditions, download and install chrome;
  • When you are done with the installation, launch Chrome and visit
  • You will sed a QR code on your computer;
  • Scan the QR code using your mobile phone or tablet which has WhatsApp installed on it;
  • Immediately after the QR code is scanned the page will refresh and you will be able to se your WhatsApp messages.

The second way of using WhatsApp Web on Windows 10 is via Emulation.

  • Open Microsoft Edge browser and visit
  • You will be sent to WhatsApp’s home page where you will be recommended to try a different browser but you can easily trick WhatsApp into generating a QR code by following the steps bellow;
  • Hit the F12 key and launch Microsoft Edge Developer Tools Window;
  • Click on Emulation tab in Developer Tools;
  • Look fir User Agent String (under Mode) and click on it;
  • From the drop menu, change the user agent string from default Microsoft Edge to any other browser compatible with WhatsApp web;
  • Now go back to the tab where you first opened WhatsApp and just refresh the page and you will se the QR on the page;
  • Scan the QR code with the tablet/phone that has WhatsApp installed on it;
  • Immediately after the QR code is scanned the page will refresh and you will be able to send WhatsApp messages.

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