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YouTube is a video portal and is the largest and the world most popular.

The portal has overtaken Spotify and Apple in the number of viewers using its streaming music service.

The video giant has launched a new app, YouTubeMusic, whichtries to exploit its supremacyin space. The app can be used in both ad and ad-freemodes. The ad-free mode is activated when you subscribe toYouTube Red.

Just likeFacebook Messenger and the main Facebook Feeds,YouTube has also devoted apps for its three common components, gaming, music and kids.YouTube Music is one of these apps.

YouTube new dimension in music streaming

The app has licensed well over 30 million audio tracks. The service also presents aninfinite collection of further optionsthat include live concert recording, tracks with embedded lyrics and videos that instructs youon how to play thebass line.

Searchingmusic in the new app will give you only music related results. On the top of the opened window will appear links to the official artists and album pages and on the bottom is official music videos.YouTube Music is a unique featurethat identifies with a unique and broad group of consumers distinct from those who have already subscribed to a streaming music service.

Unlike Google Play Music, you cannot create playlists in YouTube Music. Instead, the app creates daily playlists for you. The daily playlists are called My Mix and is saved under My Mix Tab. The playlistcombines tracks you have liked, listened to and some few tracks it thinks you might like. Subscription to YouTube Red makes the service even more interesting; you can listen to music without ads while “My Mix” is automatically saved for offline playback. Additionally, you can play music in the background as well as turn off video to save your battery and limit your data usage.

The app has a tab called ‘trending’ showingmost popular songs, upcoming stars and curation the team thinks will make animpact in the future.

YouTubeMusic curation is done by both human and machine algorithms

YouTubehas anincorporated advantage when it comes to personalization. The app’s curation algorithm uses millions of playlists created over the last decade by users to understand much in song sounds and music falling under the same genre.

YouTube aims to match the foot of Discover Weekly when it comes to music curation. The app integrates both human editors and machine algorithms in curating the playlists in a bid to transform the music app from a utility to an experience.