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Social media platforms are currently looking for new ways of doing business with other companies, especially for retailers who are looking to get within a close reach with their audience. At the same time, the social media platforms are making it easier for consumers to purchase goods from retailers online via the addition of payment capabilities.

TranServ is a digital payments startup from India, who’s looking to capture more of the small and medium sized business market using its services that allow companies to integrate payment options on mobile messaging services such as WhatsApp or Facebook.

In addition TranServ is also focusing on B2B (business-to-business) payments for these platforms. With other words, this will allow companies to exchange information, products or services between them.

Aditya Gupta, the co-founder of TranServ, said in an interview that they’ve realized that a large number of casual sellers or home based businesses run on Facebook (especially those run by women sellers). Gupta added that there are also many merchants who engage in B2B transactions via WhatsApp.

It seems that, currently, there are 1500 of its 2500 corporate customers who are using payments options for WhatsApp and Facebook which are provided by TranServ. Gupta said that TranServ anticipates that there will be over 5000 merchants that will join by the end of the year.

TranServ will also introduce the “same-day payment service” for the business customers and it is expected to be released later this month. Gupta said that the new feature is going to double TranServ’s volume of transactions that it processes.

Whether we like it or not this service will be soon available on other countries. Using it, you will be able to make purchases directly from your mobile social application while chatting with the seller.

What are your thoughts about TranServ and the new way that it brings to make transactions? Will you use this service if it will be available in your country?