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Top 10 Travel Apps for a Happy Holiday 3When traveling, you never know what unexpected emergency might occur. For this reason, it’s important to carry copies of your most important documents on you while abroad. Docady is the ultimate app for critical documents and lets you scan, categorize and manage your most important documents. Travelers can digitize their passports, medical documents and credit cards before a trip. Using advanced SmartDoc Intelligence, it extracts data from your documents, and sends you reminders of upcoming expiration dates.

Top 10 Travel Apps for a Happy Holiday 12This app has been called the personal assistant of trip planning. The app plays an actionable part in the whole booking process, helping with everything from cars to hotel rooms, aggregating all the reservations into the “WorldMate Itinerary”. Gone are the days of stressfully searching for booking references and booking dates. Now everything can be done through this app with no prior experience in trip planning – download and go!

PackPoint Packing List Companion
Top 10 Travel Apps for a Happy Holiday 8This app pretty much packs your bags for you. It conveniently creates lists, depending on the type of trip you are taking; be it a ski trip to Colorado or a safari in Kruger National Park. The app includes a library of 800+ items with the option of inputting your own. It basically takes the annoyance and stress out of the entire packing process, making it a neat and orderly development.

Photos are so much a part of the modern Top 10 Travel Apps for a Happy Holiday 4travel experience, and with smartphones and social media, we want to make sure we have the best photo editor on hand at all times. Enlight is the overwhelmingly popular new photo editing app suitable for every level of photography experience. The #1 paid app in over 120 countries, Enlight will help you easily touch up your mobile snapshots for breathtaking results, so that they’re ready for instant sharing and album-making. Your photos will surely make your friends and family back home jealous.

Top 10 Travel Apps for a Happy Holiday 2While letter writing from a faraway land can be challenging, sending real, quality posts cards is now as simple as a few buttons. This app allows the user to capture an image, turn it into a postcard, write the card and for a small fee send it anywhere in the world right from their iPhone. This app does a great job of bringing back a lost art that is ever more valued in our digital facing world.

Hotel Tonight
Top 10 Travel Apps for a Happy Holiday 6Feel like a quick getaway? This app offers last-minute deals at top-rated hotels, from tonight to seven days out. If you’re planning a last minute trip, or even a staycation, this beautiful app is an exciting and luxurious one to look at!

Gratitude Journal
Top 10 Travel Apps for a Happy Holiday 5This free app encourages you to write down five things you’re grateful for every day. This should be pretty easy to do on vacation! The purpose of the app is to rewire your brain in five minutes a day, keeping you inspired and motivated. You can always look back on your vacation entries to remember what a nice trip you had.

Top 10 Travel Apps for a Happy Holiday 9The best option for keeping in touch with friends and family from home. Free texting and HD video chats with up to 12 people merges entertainment and communication – while you’re video chatting you can stream YouTube videos, play games, scribble and much more. Rounds is the next best thing to being in the same room with your friends.  This lightweight app works across networks and supports over 7,000 devices.

Top 10 Travel Apps for a Happy Holiday 11While Google translate is extremely easy and intuitive to use, it doesn’t cover many of the Eastern languages. Take a sign in Chinese, Japanese or Korean for example; as it stands Google’s visual translation tool will not work, but WayGo does. If you have plans to travel the world, and Asia is on the list, this app is a must at the reasonable price of £4 for unlimited use or a free trial of 10 translations.

Top 10 Travel Apps for a Happy Holiday 7Just tap a button and a car arrives with a big pink mustache, avoiding all the trouble of sketchy cab drivers and roundabout rides. The mobile application is a peer-to-peer ridesharing company that connects needy passengers with freelance drivers, who by the way are required to give fist-bumps upon entrance. In an increasingly cash-less society the ability to pay for the ride with a pre-approved credit card makes inter-city travel easy, providing automatic payment options to weary travelers nervous about carrying cash.