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The Z3 comes soon on the heels of the Z2 that succeeded the Z1 before it.

It is impressive, though not amazing, as it only offers updates on the iterations preceding it.


There is the usual chunky bezel above the screen and below it, similar to the other phones of the Z series. However, it is slimmer and also sleeker despite the same screen size of 5.2 inches, due to elimination of the side bezel. The frame is now rounded, instead of sharp with dull metal being used on the edges and hard nylon for the corners. It is now lighter by 10 grams and feels pleasant to hold. The phone is waterproof and has an IP65/68 rating. At launch, it is available in four colors, namely, black and in white, silver or green shade and a copper brown.

Compatible with PS4

This is the most impressive upgrade in the Z3, so users can play games through their console without using wires. Users must turn on the PS4 and connect the device to the same wireless network. Once the app is booted up, the Z3 takes over and you can experience the game on the phone screen. However, you need the PS4 controller and also, preferably, the connector. The combination works well and can also work over mobile networks or when you connect to other Wi-Fi networks. However, only the home network can offer the best experience, as there could be some latency problems with other networks.


Sony claims that the battery on the device will last for two whole days with one charge and this is so even without activating the Stamina Mode. This is due to a changed screen technology that reduces refreshing in case of on display images. In addition, the technology is combined with the latest version of 801 core, making the difference.


The resolution of the primary camera continues to remain 20.7 MP with the same G- Lens technology combined with a Bionz engine and Exmor, RS sensor. However, there are some changes, with the ISO abilities being increased to an astounding 12800. This reduces the noise present in Sony’s other phones when taking pictures in low light conditions.

Another improvement is the G-Lens, which is 25 mm allowing more content and is useful for taking landscape pictures. Pictures are crisp and bright and the 4K problem related to overheating when too much of 4K footage is taken has also been fixed. However, it is better to record pictures for one minute or two minutes at a time.

Display and User Interface

The screen comes with Full HD Triluminos using X Reality engine with IPS LCD screen. The screen is bright and has been improved by 50% compared to the Z2.

As for the UI, the Android 4.4.4 version is flatter and smoother, with nice letters and fonts offering a decent interface and experience.


There is no feature that is highly exciting in the Z3 from Sony, but it is the best among the Z collection. The design and chassis is great and the camera functions well in low light conditions as well.