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It seems our hard-earned technological developments are coming to haunt us!

This follows the speculation that the terror group that claimed responsibility for the attacks in France, ISIS, is using PlayStation 4 to pass around messages and plan calculated attacks rather than use messaging platforms such as WhatsApp because the former is more secure than the latter.

This information was revealed by Belgium intelligence experts where authorities have already rounded up a number of suspects linked to the Paris terror attacks that left over 129 people dead.

According to a statement made by the country’s Minister of Home Affairs, Jan Jambon, it seems authorities in this country have discovered a hidden channel in gaming consoles networks where terror groups are carrying out their recruitments.

“PlayStation 4 is more difficult to monitor when compared to WhatsApp,” Jambon said.

Someone may be wondering how the communications take place from within the PlayStation 4 network. Well, ever since the introduction of this new PS4, new gaming modes and features also came in. Players can take part in multiplayer gaming where they can go against other online players and in so doing, the platform allows them to exchange messages through chats, voice calls or even emails.

According to Jambon’s words, getting around these PS4 communications is a lot harder than doing the same thing on WhatsApp. Does this mean WhatsApp is less secure and that messages are easily being intercepted by third parties?

Well, this is a tricky one. While the UK and U.S. governments are trying to push for amendments to privacy policies that will see internet companies provide them with access to their networks (an indicator that the much hyped end-to-end encryption on WhatsApp is reliable), the latest revelation by the Belgian minister suggests otherwise.

It seems WhatsApp has to do more to promise its users of total security and privacy when chatting. But will governments and security agencies keep allowing secure communications to take place over the internet without some way they can access these chats? Well, we expect a lot to unfold in the coming weeks and months on the divide between interests of national security and privacy of citizens.