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The first phones were so simple that the users were limited only to making voice calls, sending SMS texts or to play basic games. Nowadays, smartphones are mini computers with fast processors and access to the internet, but the users forget to protect them and wake up with their data stolen. There are hackers who take advantage of any vulnerability and they are able to steal passwords, credit card details or any information that is stored on a phone which lacks security.

Antivirus Protection

First of all, the users must install an antivirus application which protects their devices against viruses, Trojan horses, spyware etc. which are hidden inside cookies, downloads, photos, videos and other files which are accessed via popular websites. Our recommendations are Avast, ESET and Leo Privacy Guard, which can be downloaded for free, from the internet.

Complicated Password

You should set a strong password for each application, containing more than six characters, and we suggest you to use a combination of letters (small and capitals), numbers and symbols (@, #, $ etc.). The hackers will have a hard time decoding them and this way, you’ll feel safer when entering net banking password using a virtual keyboard in order to make financial transactions on your smartphone.

Securing Your Business Data

Business people perform business transactions and they need applications which support functions of management of mobile, remote wipe, data encryption. They should install Mobile device management software which will protect their data.

Data Encryption

It’s very risky to share data on an unencrypted public WiFi network or hotspot, because there are plenty thieves who are hunting unprotected devices in order to steal important information from them. So, if you still want to connect to the internet in these conditions, we recommend you to access websites with a SSL certification or through secured network using HTTP://.

Hearing What You’re Typing

The newer iPhones have an accelerometer sensor which detects what you’re typing by analyzing the vibrations produced by the keyboard. This helps the hackers to “hear” what you’re typing and they will detect your passwords. We suggest you to open your emails using the pattern lock.

Savvy Shopper

Many users purchase items from the internet, but they should be more careful which sellers and retailers contact them, because some are very pushy and send them promotional email messages, or they contact them on social media websites. It’s better to read reviews about these retailers before making a purchase from them.

Secure FTP

Many hackers are intercepting FTP passwords. These passwords can be secured using Secured File Transfer Protocol which contains a private file for user authentication.