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Google Play Books was previously named Google eBooks and it’s a cross-platform ebook application which can be downloaded from the Google Play store. Also, though the Google Play Books applications, the users can download up to 5 million ebooks from the Android store, or upload their own ebooks, as the limit is 1000. Google updates this application regularly and the latest version brought some changes.

There are many people who like to read books on their mobile devices while they’re on vacation and instead of carrying physical books with them, they can download ebooks from the Google Play store and read them on their smartphones or tablets. The larger the screen is, the better the reading experience will be.

The users will have access to the latest releases, free classics, textbooks and New York Times bestsellers, and if they don’t like the font or its size, they can change them so their eyes won’t get tired. The users can also select the layout for flowing text books and can choose between the day, night and sepia reading modes. Google created elegant 3D page turns (realistic page turning effect) and added the option to search within books, to sync bookmarks, notes and reading positions across phones, tablets and computers. Also, the users have a read offline option and they can upload PDF or EPUB files to their library. If they find an interesting page, they can bookmark it, highlight its text or add notes, and there are some books containing text-to-speech, but not all publishers provide this options. Also, not all books are free, but some publishers allow the users to read chapters for preview.

Anyway, the latest version of the Google Play Books, which varies with device, allows the users to view comics in landscape mode and when swiping vertically, they can carry on reading the story. This feature is great, especially for those who have smartphones with small screens.

Google improved not only the reading mode, but also the way the users can browse the official Android store for new books. They will find a curated page containing volumes, issues and new releases, and in the near future, the store will recommend series which are similar to your preferences.