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Google recently announced that a new update for the renowned Hangouts application has been released.

However, the new version was pushed to users of the web platform, which also offers the same services you find on the mobile version.

In a statement made by the company’s software engineer Eduardo Fernandez, Google said that the new update comes in to try and improve the general quality of video calls made via the platform while at the same time simplifying the user interface.

According to the Fernandez, the major aim of this update is ensure that users of Google Hangouts feel less concerned about navigation and instead, just keep their focus on the ongoing conversation. The new update means that calls will load much faster, and they will sport a new and more intuitive user interface. Furthermore, the team behind the new version of Hangouts for The web has made changes to the way the platform renders video tomake the displayed images a lot sharper and cleaner.

Even though Google has been using this updated version of the chat app for quite some time now, the software engineer said that the made changes are still new and as such, they may at some point be tweaked just to make them even much better.

Don’t fret; you can revert to the old UI

Not everyone is a fan of change or rather, not everyone will enjoy the changes introduced by Google to the Hangouts for theWeb client. If you are one of these people, then there is nothing to worry about.

Google has gone further and included an option where users can go back to the old interface just in case they don’t find any reason to be part of the new change. To go back, just click on the app’s menu from the top right corner and select “Original version.”

If you are using Google Apps for Work, these said changes will not reflect on your Hangouts application. In fact, only a few users of this application on the web have received the latest update, but Google said that the update will soon be availed to everyone in the coming days.

If you haven’t noticed the new changes in Hangouts for theWeb client, keep a close eye on its interface over the next few days and you will undoubtedly notice the changes Google has implemented.