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More than one week has passed since Fallout 4 was released and the players are already discovering hidden things in the Wastelands. It seems that Bethesda left a lot of secret rooms and items in Fallout 4 and the players already have started to discover them along with some glitches too.

In concordance with iDigital Trends, one of the glitches that the players should be cautious about is one of the missions during the “Settlement” quest, as entering an area may crash your game and halt the player’s progress. Unfortunately, it seems that this bug is found in all Fallout 4 versions (PC, Xbox One and PS4).

The news website indicated that there are a lot of players who’ve been experiencing this glitch and they’ve already complained about it on different forums. However, there are players who have reported that they’ve passed the “Settlement” storyline without any problems.

Fallout 4: Developer Room

Aside from the bugs and glitches, it seems that the Fallout 4 game comes with some Easter Eggs and secrets that the players must find. According to some recent reports, in the PC version of Fallout 4 by entering a code in the console it transported players into a “developer” room, which was full with all the in-game items necessary for survival.

According to iDigitalTimes, there is also a secret location that can be found on the top of the Green Wall in Diamond City. By scaling to the very top of the area, you will open a new location that has a Power Armor docking status and mini nuke ammo.

It seems that the Fallout 4 players have started finding secret locations and glitches quite early in this game. As the gamers progress in Fallout 4, we’re sure that more and more secret locations and glitches will be found.

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