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Candy Crush Saga has a good amount of players and even if the game is pretty old, there are still new people installing it every day. The Candy Crush Saga was released back in 2012 as a Facebook only game, but soon enough, the developers launched the game for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Since then, the game has been downloaded over 500 million times across all platforms. Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game, where you will need to line up three or more types of candies in order to clear them from the board. There are also different candies that come with some “special” abilities, which will help you clear the board faster.

Today we’re going to give you a few Tips and Tricks that you can use in Candy Crush Saga in order to finish the levels faster and easier.

Starting From The Bottom

When you clear candies in Candy Crush Saga, the other candies will shift down on the screen to fill the empty spaces. You will probably be tempted to clear matches from the top side of the board, but we suggest you to clear them from the bottom side, because this will give you better chances to create a “cascade effect” by matching more candies.

Limited Turns

At the bottom of the screen, you will notice a number which tells how many turns you have left until the level ends. The goal is to clear the level before the number of turns runs out. With other words, think twice before you make a move and optimize them in a way to clear the most candies possible.

Try To Match 4-5 Candies

Try to avoid temptation to match only 3 candies and instead go for 4-5 similar candies. By lining up 4 candies you will create a special type of candy and when you will match it with two other special candies it will eliminate a whole row of varying candies. If you match five candies, you will also make a special candy that, when matched, will destroy all candies of a certain color from the entire board.

Suggested Matches Might Suck

Suggested matches are not always the best moves you can make. Instead, you should try to look for a better move, as in the most of the times you that you will find one.

Buying Charms

We agree that not many like in-app purchases, but if you will play Candy Crush Saga several hours per day, you will end up purchasing charms. Charms give you extra capabilities and once you buy one, it will be yours forever. A great charm that you should consider to purchase is the Charm of Life, which will give you eight lives instead of only five.