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It seems that button remapping is now available for the normal Xbox One controller, not only for the “Elite” one. Microsoft has promised that the highly requested features will come to all Xbox One controllers and they’ve kept their promise.

With the new update that Microsoft has released, the Xbox One owners can save the 150 dollars and not purchase the Xbox Elite controller, if all they wanted was the ability to remap the gamepad’s buttons. However, according to Microsoft, if you want to have the best way to personalize your controller, then the Xbox Elite is still the best choice for “complete” control.

So, from now on, the Xbox One “regular” controllers are now capable to make use of this feature. However, the Xbox Elite controller can do more “tricks”. So, from now on, the standard Xbox One controller can now swap button pairs. With other words, if a player wants to change the function for the B button to A, he can do that now.

On the Xbox Elite controller, you will just need to assign the A and B buttons, as the rest of the buttons you will be able to either remove specific controls completely or map even more than one function to the same button.

It is good to know that the mapped buttons on the Xbox One standard control will only remain set on the console where the controller was mapped. With other words, if you go with the same controller on another console, the new mapped buttons will not function and you will need to re-assign them.

However, all the remapped settings on the Xbox Elite controller will be saved directly on the controller itself. With other words, a player could bring his own Xbox Elite controller over any friend’s house and not have to worry about remapping the controller all over again.

In order to use the new feature, the players will need to launch the Xbox Accessories application or access the settings on their consoles via either “Ease of Access->Button Mapping” or “Kinect & Devices->Devices & Accessories”.