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Instant messaging is widely popular and used and with so many options at hand, people don’t know towards which app to gravitate. Facebook purchased WhatsApp for a staggering price of $19 billion. Facebook also implemented its own IM app, Facebook Messenger. We’ve decided to compare these two siblings and see which one is a better choice.

Whatsapp vs. Facebook Messenger: Prices

Facebook Messenger is free to use and it can be set-up via the App Store or Google Play Store. You can use your Facebook information to log into the latter app but you can also use your personal mobile number.

Because WhatsApp doesn’t permit those annoying advertisements, it has developed a new way of generating money. Thus, in the first year of use WhatsApp is cost free after which the subscription will cost users $0.99/year.

Whatsapp vs. Facebook Messenger: User interface and key features

The overall design of WhatsApp is not that mind blowing. We can affirm for sure that WhatsApp is in a desperate need of a makeover. Facebook Messenger on the other hand is quite the opposite. It has a nifty and straightforward UI which users definitely enjoy using. There are 4 main sections, the first one is the Recent messages, the second one is the Groups , People and of course the Settings.

As far as features, WhatsApp contains audio, video as well as the location functionality and contact details that can be shared with another WhatsApper.

Facebook Messenger on the other hand has the same things, but it does have a few extra options such the possibility of sharing images (via Bing), the Facial Recognition element and a neat option that is currently being tested: the self-destructing messages.

In conclusion, both IM are great for getting in touch with your loved ones, but in the end it all comes down to your personal choices in terms of UI, prices, features and so on.

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