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Windows Phone isn’t WhatsApp’s priority when it comes to updates, as this platform doesn’t have as many users as Android or iPhone. Even so, it isn’t completely ignored, because from time to time, the developers are releasing beta versions and recently, they added version 2.12.198 to their portfolio. In this article, we’ll tell you what it contains.

A few days ago, the Windows Phone version of WhatsApp received a new update. 2.12.198 is a beta version and it received new features and some improvements which will be (or not) added to the upcoming stable version.

Thanks to this update, the users are able to select or deselect favorite messages and they will find a new shortcut at the bottom menu, which will take them to the starred messages. From now on, the messages can be starred inside chats, and to do that, the users will tap on them and they will see a drop-down menu with some options. They will select the star-shaped icon display and after it will be market, the messages will be shown in the Featured Posts. These marked messages will show only the date/time, not the name of the person who sent them, but we’re hoping to see this option added to a future update. In addition, the starred messages will appear on the users’ profile page.

All new updates bring improvements, so this version benefits from a few changes, but the developers haven’t provided a change log, to give us a clue about what was improved. Also, this beta version isn’t available on the Windows Store, so in order to be able to download it, the users need to join a beta program, but they will need to wait until they will be accepted.

WhatsApp has evolved a lot this year, starting with the addition of the Voice Calling feature, the overhaul of the Material Design, the option to backup data on Google Drive etc. Now, there are over 900 million people who are logging it every day to send messages or to call their friends, and we’re pretty sure than within a few months, their number will surpass 1 billion.

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