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After the launch of the Nydia Shield Tablet which was every gamer’s s dream come true, the latter company has rolled out the Shield Tablet K1. So, if you’re wondering right now if you should upgrade to this new version or not, we’ll help you decide by highlighting the main differences between these gaming devices.

Design and Screen

The shape, size and length are pretty much the same when you set these two devices set side by side. Both Shield Tablet gizmos have Full HD 1920×1200 8-inch LCD screens.

The Shield Tablet K1 however sports a type of rubber type speaker grates surrounding the screen where as the Shield Tablet’s speakers are made out of plastic. Something else that’s sets these two apart is the logo on the back of the new Shield Tablet K1 which is silver and the fact that the DirectStylus 2 is missing as well.

Processor, graphics and storage options

Both Shield Tablet devices run on a 2.2GHz ARM Cortex and house an A15 quad-core processor and they also contain Nvidia Tegra K1 192-core Kepler graphics chips.

The original Shield Tablet included a 16GB Wi-Fi and 32GB with LTE (4G) versions while with the new Shield Tablet K1 users only have the 16GB option available, microSD card slots are available for both tablets.

Cameras, accessories and costs

These two tablets pack a 5MP front as well as a back end snapper and the HDR element can be found on both of them, if you want a charger or a USB cord for the K1 device you have to buy them separately. The same thing applies for both devices as far as the case or the game controller.

As far as pricing is concerned, the Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 is £80 cheaper than the first Shield tablet model, the latter retails for £150, so, which one will it be then?