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Minecraft is an entertaining game for both adults and kids, where they build constructions out of textured cubes in world which is displayed in 3D views. Also, the players explore maps, fight with other players and steal their resources. Minecraft has three gameplay modes and can be played on mobile devices, but there is also a PC version. Two Giants want to use kids’ love for Minecraft as a method to teach them computer programming.

Microsoft made a partnership with and built a tutorial for the kids who love to play Minecraft. They will be able to use this tutorial in December, during’s annual Hour of Code event. Last year, Microsoft bought Minecraft from Mojang, paying $2.5 billion, and since then, the game has become more popular and many employees volunteered for this cause – the build of the tutorial.

The tutorial doesn’t cost any money and it offers 14 levels for the students who want to play the game and know the basic computer science principles. The kids will click and drag blocks so they can create buildings, and they will use commands which will make the character to carry out the action. For example, they will click “run” and the character will comply with the command.

According to co-founder Hadi Partovi, these kinds of block commands will help computer programmers to learn the basics and during the Hour of Code event, the kids which will participate will spend hours trying to learn to code. “The goal of one hour is to teach you that this is something that you can do and it’s more fun than you thought. Frankly, it’s to hook you to want to learn more,” Partovi said. “The stereotypes you hear in pop culture make people think this is just for one group. We want to break those stereotypes, demystify the field and break the barrier of intimidation and show this is fun”, said Partovi.

In the first two years, over 100 million students attended the Hour of Code annual event and more kids are expected to participate on December 7. They will be excited to see the friendly themes based on Frozen and Star Wars.