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The internet is not safe, and we won’t start talking about pedophiles or other dubious people who are trying to harm you directly. We’ll tell you that it’s mandatory to protect your computer against viruses, worms, spyware, malware and all kinds of malicious files, because hackers are using them in order to steal data from you, such as credit card details. There are plenty antivirus programs which are doing a great job, but not all of them provide one hundred percent of virus detection. Two of the big names we’ll compare below are Bitdefender and Kaspersky.


This antivirus program was created by a Romanian who launched it in 2001. The software contains premium features such as antitheft (your computer will be traced from any other device and the users won’t be able to use it anytime soon, although the data won’t be wiped) and encryption (your data will be locked in a “vault” and only you’ll have access to it). Bitdefender warns you when you’re accessing phishing websites, it blocks malware and when you’re connecting a USB to the system’s port, the program will scan it for possible threats.


This antivirus was created by a Russian lab and its initial release happened in 1997. This software protects computers running on Windows, Macs and even Apple’s iPhones and iPads. Kaspersky has a clean interface and features which include online browser protection, anti-phishing and online banking security. Recently, the developers added the Safe Money feature which protects the details of a banking transition, but there are many other features which are providing extra protection, such as the webcam security which will stop intruders from accessing your device, as their faces will be scanned and if they’re not found in the database, they won’t be able to hack your computer or laptop.


Regarding the efficiency of these programs, we’ll tell you that Kaspersky has a few minuses, lacking some features which are related to detection and performance. It detects 80 percent of current familiar viruses and malware, but Bitdefender is able to detect up to 90 percent of familiar viruses, but it uses a three-phase approach for a more efficient virus protection. First, it checks all files in the existent virus database, then it separates running programs which are considered possible threats and supervises their behaviors, then it checks every procedure for malicious activities.


Kaspersky Total Security – Multi-Device: $79.95/1 device 1 year; Kaspersky Internet Security: $59.95/1 device 1 year; Kaspersky Anti-Virus: $39.95/1 device 1 year.

Bitdefender FAMILY PACK 2016: $249.95/ up to 3 PCs 1 Year; Bitdefender
TOTAL SECURITY 2016: $58.47/ up to 3 PCs 1 year; Bitdefender
INTERNET SECURITY 2016: $51.97/ up to 3 PCs 1 year.