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According to various gapers, Supercell is planning on rolling out a bunch of neat features along with the forthcoming upgrade. This mobile game has managed to put Candy Crush Saga to shame along with other iOS or Android games.

Basically, the cat’s out of the bag as Clash of Clans worshipers know that a major update is scheduled for the month of December. The TH 11 upgrade is out in the open and based on a report issued by HNGN, the latter upgrade will be presented in a preview this current month.

And when Supercell stated the following in a comment ”quality of life changes”, this left gamers wondering what did Supercell presupposed with such a comment? It seems that this update will also imply some sort of tweaks that will bewitch occasional players.

Most people I know who have tried playing Clash of Clans had to stop because their inability to spend crazy amounts of time playing meant that the game simply wasn’t as much fun, ”commented Tazaros Lazarides in a Touch Arcade blog post. He continued saying that “Supercell (is) trying to make the game friendlier to the very casual players,” he concludes.

This tweak targets occasional gamers, you know the type that plays a few minutes during lunch break or during commercials. The fact that 3 elements are new to the scene confirms Supercell’s strategy. First of all there is the Session Timer, secondly gamers will have the Personal Break option and last but not least the brand new Village Guard idea that will win your over. Overall, according to Yibada, these updates are meant to ensure that every gamer out there, occasional or permanent one enjoys the COC experience.

All of these innuendoes regarding the game-changer upgrade will be confirmed by the 23 of this month. Then, all of the updates will be accessible as the previews will be exposed.

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