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The latest WhatsApp version for iOS that the developers of this application have just released comes with many new things. First of all, the new WhatsApp version comes with 3D Touch support, which means that anyone who owns an iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus can use it.

However, even if you don’t own an iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus, you will enjoy the new update, as it comes with a new feature and some other improvements. We agree that 3D Touch is indeed the highlight of the last iPhone that Apple released this year. This 3D Touch allows you to get to sections within your favorite application with just a single press.

For the people who are still “stuck” with an older iPhone device, there is something new that the latest WhatsApp version comes with. The Settings Menu was revamped and got a dash of color and looks almost the same as the settings menu of your iPhone. At the same time, you will also notice that a rich preview will be showed over the links that you receive and share on WhatsApp. With other words, when adding a link to a WhatsApp conversation, you will be able to add a rich preview that contains an image, a story title and a link.

Keep in mind that the rich preview for links is currently visible only for the users that own an iOS device. We’re sure that this feature will also be added to the WhatsApp version for Android anytime soon, as a good amount of WhatsApp users own an Android device.

The new WhatsApp version for iOS also allows you to view all the starred chats in one section. However, it is quite annoying to access it, as you will need to go to WhatsApp’s Settings->Starred Messages.

What are your thoughts about the latest WhatsApp version for iOS?