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The WhatsApp update for iOS comes with enhanced 3D Touch elements. Now, users can enjoy the Peek and Pop 3D Touch elements. The latter technology picks up the force that has been used on the display and then it activates the required functionality.

The Peek option means that users can preview the content of a certain app without having to click on it while the Pop feature on the other hand means that you actually start to leaf though the desired content. The latter functionality will require a stronger press though. These two features are definitely a welcome and practical addition as users can take a look at their WhatsApp conversations without opening them.

These two neat functionalities can be used on Photos, Mail apps as well as Google Maps or even Safari. These two are available merely for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, but app tech makers are also trying to make good use of them, not an easy thing to do as the 3D Touch functions are not supported by a lot of apps.

WhatsApp version v2.12.11 also brings rich preview for various links that users share with one another. When you add your link you have the possibility of choosing to include the rich preview (this means the image, title and so on) or you can choose to remove it if you wish. Note: For the time being, the rich-preview for links can only be used on iOS gizmos.

According to WhatsApp, the Settings tab has also been revamped and users can now see the messages that have been starred appear right under the Starred Messages category.

WhatsApp is definitely trying to stay on top of its game with these latest updates and to prove it, the app also introduced another nifty feature that is the quick reply option, this update targets users that own iOS 9.1 devices.