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If you’re a tech enthusiast that loves everything that has to do with Apple products, then this comparison might pique your interest, we’ve decided to glimpse into the future and stack up the iPhone 6s versus the iPhone 7.

Design and Display

The iPhone 6S packs the same design as the iPhone 6, it is a bit thicker though, as for the iPhone 7 this will roll out with an entirely different aspect. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (a true mastermind in anticipating iPhone specs) the latter device will measure between 6.0mm-6.5mm. It is also rumored that the iPhone 7 will rock a glass-on-glass touch panel , meaning this handset will not have the standard bezel type of allure.

As for the display, iPhone 6s has the 3D Touch display and we can only presume that the iPhone 7 will rock this feature as well. Something else that we are looking forward to regarding the upcomimg iPhone 7 is a higher resolution, possible a QHD with a resolution of 2560×1440.

Water Resistant Certificate  

When the video regarding the iPhone 6 enduring 30 full minutes underwater surfaced online, users didn’t know what to believe. It seems that Apple has made some secret adjustments making the device water-resistant. The iPhone 7 is also believed to be a water-resistant smartpbhone. According to a Chinese site, the new iPhone 7 will also be made out of some sort of plastic material to ensure it last underwater, but this remains to be seen though. Some of your might not be eager in seeing an iPhone made out of plastic, right?

Processor and Snappers

Currently the iPhone 6s has an LTE chipset that belongs to Qualcomm, however according to the rumor mill the iPhone 7 might sport an Intel LTE processor.

Camera wise, iPhone 6S owns a 12MP back end camera unit and a 5MP front snapper. However with the iPhone 7, Apple might just stick to the 12 MP snapper, however OIS might be part of the package. The 4K video recording element will also be a feature seen in the iPhone 7 as it is in the iPhone 6S device. The only thing is that the latter element might be included in the FaceTime snapper when the iPhone 7 rolls out, it would be a treat for sure.