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Google has rolled out an update for its mapping application, but the update only covers the users of the Android devices.

In the latest version of Google Maps, the search engine giant has gone for more convenience as far as the new features are concerned.

Once the update is made available, Android users of this mapping app will be able to easily add detours to their routes as well as find the cheapest gas station around when driving.

Making stressful moments stress-free

In a post made by the Product Manager of Google Maps, Aditya Dhanrajani, the new update will be rolling out in the next few weeks and it will be out to make your next gas stop experience much more convenient and very affordable.

In addition, he said that the new update will allow drivers to check and compare gas prices of stations near them as well as add detours to their routes without the need for leaving the navigation platform. The new update will let you know the amount of time you will spend in addition to your planned trip by taking the detour.

Talking of detours, Google has also included a few nifty add-ons on this feature. Just at the upper right corner of your display, you can tap on the magnifying glass icon and bring up a few more floating action buttons for possible detours. In its default setting, you will see a list of gas stations around you, restaurants, grocery stores and coffee shops. In addition, users are allowed to find places other than the ones listed, by typing the name of the place or use voice commands for the same purpose.

Another feature that Google has updated the Maps app with revolves around the navigation aspect of the app. Unlike in the past where the users had to reset their navigation whenever they made a last-minute stop when on course, the new app eliminates this limitation. The latest version is a true convenience update and a must have for all the Android users.

As pointed out by Dhanrajani, the new update will first of all be rolled out to the users of the Android devices. There is no confirmation of when this new features will be making their way to other mobile platforms.