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Supercell has spread the word that a big update will happen regarding the Clash of Clans game. Ever since that information has been disclosed, gamers have been counting the days. The company claims that this update will pack significant changes and they are meant to make the whole Clash of Clans experience even more amazing.

These changes will happen in the Shields and there will be a brand new Village Guard to look forward to. The Session timers will also see various updates as well as the personal Break and the matchmaking in Multiplayer, different bonuses and the trophy calcs (the high levels ones at least).

This update has been long overdue and the Dev Team knows that COC fans have been waiting for a long time for this update to see the light of day. However, this update will not be rolled out until all tests will be performed.

According to Supercell “We realize this update has been a long update in coming, but we are taking the time we need to make sure all of the delicate upcoming changes are as well tested and well balanced as possible. There is also a lot to talk about, so we are going to kick off a 2-week peek starting on the week of November 23rd to get everyone in on the conversation.”

Word around town is that this big update will happen during Christmas, but nothing has been corroborated by Supercell yet. The company is also planning on including 4×4 defense establishments and a more immersive map as well a brand new hero that will enter the scene as noted by Yibada. Players should look forward to an exciting preview on the 23th of November as mentioned by Supercell, especially when it comes to the Level 11 TH and the 3rd hero upgrade, the latter preview will happen over the course of 2 weeks.