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The internet has become the second home for millions of people from all over the world who are installing messaging applications to chat with their loved ones. There are many social networking websites where the users post photos, statuses and befriend strangers. The owners of these websites created app versions for those who stay online all the time, on their smartphones, so depending on how rich they are in features, they are more or less popular. We’ve made a list of the most known free social media applications, which are compatible with a variety of operating systems.


It was released four years ago and it’s integrated with Facebook’s web-based Chat feature, but it has also many of the website’s features. It allows the users to chat with their friends, post photos and statuses, comment on other people’s photos and statuses, send friend requests, make voice and video calls. Also, the US users are able to send money to their friends using Facebook’s functionality.


Are you single? Tinder will fix this problem, or, will help you find a match, a person who shares the same interests as you and which corresponds to your preferences. As an application, Tinder was launched in September 2012 and currently, there are 8 billion active users who are looking for love. After creating an account and posting a photo with a description of themselves, the users start swiping right on a photo, for potentially good matches, while swiping left will take them to the next photo.


In was launched in October 2010 and now it has 400 million active users. On Instagram, the users take photos and videos, then they share them on other social media platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter, but they can also keep in touch with other friends who use Instagram. One of the new features allows them to use non square images as part of the feature set. The application is currently owned by Facebook.


With a database of 900 million users, WhatsApp is the most popular application, but it’s available only for mobile devices, and to use it on a computer you need to head to, where you’ll see a QR code which needs to be scanned with your phone’s camera, while you’re logged on WhatsApp. This application allows you to send text messages, photos, audio and video files, to make voice calls and create group chats, but it’s free only in the first year of use. After that, you’ll be charged 99 cents per year.


On Twitter, the users send and read messages containing up to 140 characters, which are called tweets. It’s used mostly by celebrities and it’s an efficient method to report and spread news. To use this application, you need to register using a valid email address and a password, then you’ll be able to “follow” people and post tweets.


If you’re not looking for love, but for a new job, then post your resume and let companies find you! Your profile must look professional, otherwise your connections – employees – won’t be impressed by your presentation and skills. Some of the features offered by LinkedIn: the possibility to find out who visited your profile page and you can congratulate other people for their new employments.

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